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About Me

Passion is the key to open the door for joy and success


Kiss Me Yesterday

I started this electro-swing live project in 2011. I produce and perform alongside Hela (vocals & flute) and Lisa (soprano & alto sax). I've been spending a lot of time in the studio sampling old 1920’s swing tracks and putting them to pumping house beats. I love to be on stage and I love to perform my music in front of a crazy crowd. Check out our music here: Kiss Me Yesterday's Website, or Soundcloud and Youtube

Time to shake and swing, honeys!


Exploring the world

I love to travel the world, usually with a backpack. I started my overseas travel way back in 2003 in Asia and ever since I grab my backpack at least once a year to explore new countries. What I like the most about backpacking is how easy it is to get to know new people and a new culture. I've been to a whopping 50 countries so far. Check out my travel map. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list :)

Time to hit the road again, honeys!


Spinning some dope tunes

This started for me all the way back in the 90’s. Unlike my friends, I had no desire for a new mountain bike on my 14th birthday. I could imagine nothing more awesome than a set of two turntables and a DJ mixer. Courtesy of a private sponsor who goes by the name of Dad, my wish came true. Since then my heart beats with the rhythm. I actually play a lot of different styles but it mostly veers between techno and house.

Time to drop a beat, honeys!


about me

I did a university diploma in marketing and retailing and started my career in food retailing as a buyer. Check out my LinkedIn Profile. Outside the office a lot of my freetime goes into my music. Beside that I do a lot of sports, I'm interested in healthy foods and nutrition and I really love to cook. I love to go out with friends and I love to party all night long till the sunrise, I'm very interested in digital media and I run a few online projects. Just to mention a some of my interestes ;)

Time to live fully, honeys!

Love & Hate

People hate to show love... but love to hate

I love

In no particular order, I love Italian cuisine, hammocks (oh how I love hammocks), free drinks coupons, conversations with strangers on long bus rides, sarcasm, good backstage catering, being on the bright side of life, open minded people, fresh powder and my snowboard, crazy party crowds, finding new foods, long hot summer nights, my lil sis, party nights that last til sunrise, being woken up by ocean waves, happy endings, fast deliveries, salsa dancing, rankings, a sauna on a cold day, pasta & wine, hitting the road again, stress free breakfasts, fresh coconut water and homemade hummus. I love that I love a lot of things..

I hate

I hate dishwashing, mosquitoes, slow internet, waiting rooms, mush pasta, smelly people, early Monday morning meetings, poo on my shoe, hands full of ice cream, creepy music systems, marshmallows, rainy winter days, more smelly people, airline food twice a day, incompetent sound engineers, drama queens, traffic jams, arrogance, crappy rock music, annoying TV channels, onion in the eyes, sunburn, empty phone batteries, a lack of fresh socks (see the above-mentioned smelly people), digestion problems, the fear of dropping coconuts, the smell of rest area toilets, just embarrassing selfies and baby pictures on my facebook wall, haters


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